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1. Design of your dreams

Imagine a beautiful internet store that can be displayed on every device: desktop, tablet, smartphone. And now - you can launch your own online store in a minute using WebMartIndia platform. You will be amused how fast and easy your e-dreams come true.

2. Tech support

91% of customers shares positive feedback on our customer service department and 90% recommends WebMartIndia to others. It’s not a coincidence - great experience in customer support is a reason why running a store on our platform is so easy and quick.

3. Best managing tools.

Complete e-store software integrated with renowned Indian and international payment gateways, SMS and the most popular shipping companies. Additionally at first sign-up you get free domain name, sms credits, logistic voucher. Together with WebMartIndia you can improve your online sale and growth of your organization.

4. Application for the store

Turbo charge your business and support your sale with apps designed exclusively for WebMartIndia platform. Our App Store is being improved systematically by adding new tools that helps to run your e-business more efficiently.

5. Modern payments

Fast, safe, competitive. ZERO setup fee, absolutely no charge for setting up payment gateway. Payment companies like Cc avenue, Pay U and Banks has partnered with WebMartIndia. Online payment solutions partnered with renowned companies is the best system of modern payments, finally available on the Indian e-commerce platform.


Website Design Checklist: Key Pages to Design

Home Page Design

The home page is one of the most important parts of your website because it serves as the customer's first impression of your business. Your home page must introduce your business and serve to build trust immediately. It must also catch visitor interest and encourage customers to stick around and see what you have to offer. Compelling, efficient design is what makes some of  the best website home pages.

Category Pages Design

Customers are likely to spend a great deal of their time on your website browsing your category pages, in which they can compare similar products and look for the items they need. Your category pages need to be visually appealing and easy to navigate, in order to make the customer's shopping journey as easy as possible.

Product Pages Design

The quality of your product pages can make or break a customer's decision to buy from you. You need to include all pertinent information about each product, but it's up to the page design as to how well customers can explore and understand that information. Your design should also never detract from the display of your product images (such as through poor color contrast or an overly-busy background). Product pages also need to work flawlessly on a technical level, so this is a great place for speed enhancements like Google AMP.

View Cart Page Design

The customer's View Cart page is where they can inspect the list of items that currently reside in their shopping cart. They must be able to change quantities, remove items, and view their order total. Real-time shipping and tax calculations prevent the customer from being surprised with a higher total during checkout and abandoning their cart. The View Cart page must be designed to run quickly and present all information clearly.

Checkout Page Design

Checkout can be another turning point where it's possible to lose a conversion at the last moment. Load speeds must be seamless and customers should be able to check out with as little effort as possible. Layout must be easy to understand, and all required fields must be obvious, as should all check boxes and descriptions (such as "Shipping address same as billing"). If the customer does make a mistake and tries to proceed without completing the needed fields, the checkout should not delete what information they did enter and force them to start over. In short, your checkout must be designed from front to back for speed and ease of use.

My Account Page Design

The My Account page is where customers will be able to view their own records, including past and current orders, reward points, store credit, and more. Customers who visit their My Account page are often looking for information that will affect an immediate purchase. For example, a customer may want to view a previous order so they can reorder the same item or items without needing to browse product pages. They might also want to check their store credit or reward point balances to decide whether or not to buy a specific product. Great web design provides the customer with a fast, easy way to access this information on their My Account page and has a positive influence on their purchasing.

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